gobble up is over, but the shopping still continues!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us the weekend of November 13th-15th for Gobble Up! The big weekend may be over, but the shopping can still continue! Below you’ll find all of the vendors who participated in our show. While you won’t be able to access any of the Zoom meetings, you can still peruse all their products by scrolling down towards the bottom of each vendor’s booth page, and clicking through to shop directly on their sites.

And, if you haven’t yet registered for your FREE tickets to our Virtual UCU Winter Show that’s coming up the week of December 2nd-6th, be sure to do so below! We’ll have nearly 150 makers selling all sorts of handmade gifts and treats for yourself, along with live events and giveaways ALL FIVE DAYS. You won’t want to miss it!

As always, attending Gobble Up is free to the public. However, we have always had a donation box out at the entry to our shows, and we appreciate any amount that you are able to give ($1 has always been the suggested donation). Your donation helps offset the production costs of the show, keeps booth fees low for our vendors, and enables us to keep this event free so that everyone can attend (and so that you have more money to spend with our amazing vendors). Thanks so much! 

Suggested Donation

time to shop!

Click on any of the icons below to enter that vendor’s booth!

~ Remember, to enter the Zoom room of any vendor’s booth, use the password GOBBLE ~

Gobble Up Vendors


Gobble Up Vendor

Small-batch, craft kombucha brewed by family!

Gobble Up Vendor
melchemy craft mead

The Alchemy of Honey & Place: Small batch, barrel aged meads from the Columia River Gorge

chocolate & sweets

Gobble Up Vendor
fidalgo fudge co.

The finest fudge you will ever experience!

Gobble Up Vendor
cacao kingdom

Handcrafted bean to bar chocolate from around the world!

coffee & tea

Gobble Up Vendor
saku tea

Ancient Superfoods with a Modern Twist

Gobble Up Vendor
paunchy elephant

Hand-crafted teas, fruit-infused lemonades, and barbecue sauce. Certified Organic. Fair trade. Eco-conscious.

Gobble Up Vendor
snapdragon & thistle

Making Tea the Perfect Gift

condiments & spreads

Gobble Up Vendor

The Art of Caribbean Heat with Flavor

Gobble Up Vendor
nut-tritious foods

Delicious Nut Butters

Gobble Up Vendor
hoss sauce

International Flavors, Gourmet Recipes, Perfect Heat

Gobble Up Vendor
hot mama salsa

Local, fresh, deliciosa handmade hot sauces and Mexican style chili oils.

kitchen/restaurant decor

Gobble Up Vendor
kitschy delish

Illustration that’s simply delish!

Gobble Up Vendor

Sculptures, Sketches and Stories by Elizabeth Zosel Kramer


Gobble Up Vendor
lucy nilan ceramics

handmade illustrated ceramics for the everyday

Gobble Up Vendor
singing pots

Gifts of the land

Gobble Up Vendor
meli wraps

Bee ? Sustainable!

Gobble Up Vendor
reclamation etchworks

Elevate your home bar

Gobble Up Vendor
blue summer house

Linen products handmade with love in the Pacific Northwest from natural stonewashed European linen

Gobble Up Vendor
alaska rug company

A New Veneer on Retired Fishing Gear

Gobble Up Vendor
pattern & posy

Handmade block printed good for the home

Gobble Up Vendor

Retro Local Northwest Tea Towels and Housewares

Gobble Up Vendor

The artsy straws made in Hawai’i!

Gobble Up Vendor
sur woodworking

Handmade cutting boards as beautiful as they are functional


Gobble Up Vendor
urban cheesecraft

For urbanites with country appetites!

meat & seafood

Gobble Up Vendor
hogg & steer

Handcrafted meats from the PNW

Gobble Up Vendor
sam’s salmon sales

Wild Alaskan Bristol Bay Sockeye and King Salmon


Gobble Up Vendor
puddles barkery

We help dogs enjoy the tastiest, healthy treats on each adventure and treats to celebrate with their humans.

pickles & kraut

Gobble Up Vendor
firefly kitchens

Fresh & Fermented!


Gobble Up Vendor

Dalm good Jalm

Gobble Up Vendor
mt. hope farms

Preserving the fruits and flavors of Oregon!


Gobble Up Vendor
mauka girl creations

Small Batch Artisan Preserves made in the Pacific Northwest

salts & seasonings

Gobble Up Vendor
felton & mary’s

Pass The Love

Gobble Up Vendor

 Guerra’s All Natural Seasonings

shrubs & cocktail enhancers

Gobble Up Vendor
sage & sea shrub

Historically Delicious

Gobble Up Vendor
New Deal distillery

Made right. Made right here.

Gobble Up Vendor
apple state vinegar & shrub farm

Apple Cider Vinegar and vinegar infusions, made with love and living culture


Gobble Up Vendor
queen of hearts superfoods

Nutritional products that renew the body, the soul & the planet!

Gobble Up Vendor
new day cooperative distribution

Grocery home delivery from your favorite Seattle producers! Owned by vendors, fueled by community.

Gobble Up Vendor
bow hill blueberries

Bow Hill is a small farm with a huge commitment to growing and preserving heirloom blueberries organically.

Gobble Up Vendor
33 books co.

Tasting tools for beer, wine, whiskey and coffee lovers.

door prizes!

Thank you to the generous local businesses who have donated these awesome door prizes. You are eligible to win any of these just by registering for your free ticket to this show! We’ll be conducting random drawings throughout the weekend from all the registered ticketholders, and will notify you by email if you are a winner!