GOBBLE UP | Urban Craft Uprising’s Premier Northwest Food Show
Seattle food show

Come discover the best craft food makers in the Pacific Northwest at Urban Craft Uprising’s premier food show — now in both Seattle AND Portland!

Now in its third year, we are so excited to bring this show to a Portland venue as well in 2019. Sign up for our mailing list above to stay in the loop as vendor applications and event registration becomes available! This specialty food festival will be geared to both everyday customers, as well as to restaurants, chefs, and other professionals in the industry.

This show was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I loved talking to the vendors and seeing the joy on their faces when I liked their samples! I know how hard it is to pour your heart and soul into something, so I tried to make sure they could feel my appreciation for their work 🙂

- Danielle J., Kirkland, WA

It is exciting to us that so many people have made craft food their full time business, and we want to connect these makers with restaurant owners and chefs, as well as everyday consumers. By dedicating an entire show just to these special crafty folks, we’ll be able to get so many more of their products in front of the food lovers who want to find them!

Why come to Gobble Up?

  • It’s FREE to attend!
  • You’ll get to sample and enjoy delicious foods all day long
  • You’ll have dozens of chances to win FREE raffle prizes, donated by some of our favorite local restaurants and small businesses (like the ones you see at the bottom of this page!)
  • You’ll discover new products and ingredients that you can use in your own home kitchen
  • You’ll find GREAT gifts for the holidays, for anyone who likes cooking or food (who doesn’t?!)
  • You’ll discover 100+ local crafty food and beverage vendors that you may have never heard of before…or who may be one of your favorite vendors that you can stock up with in person!
  • You’ll show up to your holiday parties with contributions that will still wow all the other guests…even if you don’t feel like cooking!
  • For those of you excited about the food scene, you’ll find inventive, local food makers, all in one place.
  • Restaurateurs & Chefs: You’ll discover exciting new products from local purveyors to feature in your dishes and on your menus.
  • It’s FREE to attend! Register today!

Brought to you by Urban Craft Uprising

Seattle food show