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Meet Tamyra! Tamyra is the Founder of Paunchy Elephant. As a Seattle resident for 30+ years she has long enjoyed the short but incredibly beautiful Summers here in the Pacific Northwest. The company hand-crafts bottled, organic teas, fruit-infused lemonades, and food sauces. Paunchy Elephant is a family-owned, sustainable, social purpose corporation with core values that make diversity, equity, inclusion, transparency, and philanthropy top priorities. Paunchy Elephant products can be enjoyed on a quick break at work, weekend road trip, family function, and quiet moments alone. Whatever the occasion Paunchy Elephant wants to be part of them. Relax. Indulge. Consume sustainably.






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Booth Hours:
Friday through Sunday 10am-5pm
Enter my booth by joining the Zoom meeting below (USE PASSWORD “gobble”)
you can also shop with me by clicking any of the products below the zoom and chat windows, 24/7!
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