Gobble Up 2020

Apply to vend at Gobble Up

Gobble Up Seattle

As a vendor at Gobble Up, you’ll be able to connect with:

  • Customers shopping for holiday gifts, treats for their own kitchen, and home cooks who like to use unique, quality products.
  • Restaurateurs and chefs who realize the importance of sourcing locally, the cachet of having recognizable, local producers on their menus, and the value of highlighting these makers and bringing attention to these companies’ stories.

This show will be taking place in both cities prior to Thanksgiving, taking advantage of the kick-off to the holiday shopping season and making this a great event to buy holiday ingredients and treats, for both home cooks and chefs alike!

In order to apply, you must be an independently-owned, PNW-based food or beverage company who focuses on quality ingredients, and who is looking to build a strong brand within the community.
We are also accepting a limited number of vendors who sell handmade kitchenware, kitchen/restaurant decor, and food-themed items.
Both packaged and prepared food vendors are now welcome to apply, as well as food trucks! VENDORS SAMPLING AND SELLING BEER, WINE, AND SPIRITS WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE PORTLAND SHOW ONLY.

The anticipation of people waiting outside to get into the event was pretty awesome. The line was so long, it wrapped around outside, all the way along the side of the Redd building. This made for a climatic beginning of the show, with lots of people from the very beginning. People were excited to be attending the show which made it wonderful to be a part of it!

- Samantha G., Portland, OR

we have already juried for both portland and seattle shows, but there are limited spots left in select categories.
apply here to be considered for any waitlist opportunities that may arise.