Meet Our Vendor: Debbie Sanwal

We are so excited to have cookbook author, Debbie Sanwal to not only sell her book at Gobble Up but to share more of her products she’s been working on.
Where does your passion for food come from?
My immigrant ancestors and friends who taught me various ethnic cuisines
Tell us about your culinary journey.
I spent a year in India where I watched a lot of home cooks prepare their family’s specialties and have been in the kitchen since I was a child watching and learning whenever someone was cooking.
Where is your favorite place to eat?
Too many to name in the Bay Area, but I guess I’ll go with the restaurant closest to home where we eat a lot – Sue’s Kitchen, Thai/Lao Cuisine
Where do you source your ingredients?
Indian/Pakistani or Middle Eastern Grocery stores and we purchase Halal meats there as well.
Tell us about a new product you are working on.
A curry sauce for meats, a tandoori sauce and coriander chutney.
What will our fans find at your booth this fall?
Chai for two giveaways – little packets with all the dried spices and tea you need to prepare a cup or two of Indian spiced tea. Coriander chutney samples.
What are your goals for your business in the next year?
Continue book events, and travel to India to promote my book.
What was your biggest challenge when starting out?
Production issues with designing and laying out the book.
What’s your favorite part of this food movement?
Emphasis on eating real food, making food from scratch and getting back to one’s food heritage.

What’s the best part of your job?

Meeting people and receiving so much support and love.

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