Meet our Vendor: Freckled Fox and the Hungry Hen

Where does your passion for food come from?

I have a family full of amazing cooks. I was raised with the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, freezer jam from seasonal fruit, ten pies crowding the counter on holidays, dutch babies, and fried french toast. Yes, you read that right …Crisco fried french toast. (Shout out to my mother!)

Real butter, real ingredients, and everything made with love. I really grew to cherish family recipes and traditions. I saw how food brings people together even in rough times people can always sit around a dinner table enjoy a meal and laugh.
Where is your favorite place to eat?
I am a frequent eater at Bar Cotto, The Carlile Room, Jemils Big easy food truck, Dahlia Bakery and the list can go on for hours depending on what I am craving that day. Seattle is like hitting the motherland when it comes to amazing food. I have a restaurant bucket list that might be close to triple digits.
Tell us about a new product you are working on.
One of the things we are working on is wood mortar and pestle sets. My father who is the master crafter of all things wood is creating a variety of different sizes and no two the same. There are many uses for these vessels why limit to one size fits all? We are also going to be debuting some trendy lazy susan’s this fall. We are bringing the spinning luxury back to your tables and kitchens. We want to also make these in different sizes to accommodate all needs from appetizers to spices. Heck even to use on game nights to pass the deck….or a beer!

What will our fans find at your booth this fall?

Swag, smiles, and style is what we bring to our booths. We will have our inventory stocked of wood rolling pins( Standard, French tapered and not tapered), craft cocktail muddlers, Pacific Northwest enamel mugs, Custom jars for all your kitchen storage needs, aprons, food puns galore, recipe and food inspired artwork, tea towels, novelty wine glass’s, wood bowls, and serving boards. We will defiantly have something for all the food lovers.
What was your biggest challenge when starting out?
The biggest challenge I had at the beginning was learning to stage my product. You always hear about how grocery stores do this to get you to buy something impulsively but I never put too much thought into it until after the first few markets. I just thought I could go in and make everything look pretty and voila! But no its never that easy, so I would start to move stuff around and something that no one even looked at before would sell. This has been a challenge with all the different kind of products we carry but its been a great learning experience.

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